Thursday, 3 November 2011

The one where I put a ring on it.

I you've read my blog before you'll know that I've started wearing rings rather regularly.  I'm also increasing my collection of big earrings.

The first ring is from Primark, it cost £2.50 which is quite pricey for Primark!  It could be described as tacky but I really like it, it's a good statement piece and the blue stone adds some colour to a plain outfit.

The owl ring is another Primark purchase.  I looked at it a while ago but didn't bother getting it but as it was cheap and it's quite cute I thought I had nothing to loose.

The eye ring is from Topshop, I've seen bloggers and vloggers with it before and thought that it was really cool.  When I shopped the Topshop sale I saw it but didn't buy it.  I got home and instantly regretted it so a few days later to find it gone, looked on the website too and it wasn't there!  There's nothing quite like the feeling of want you get when you can't have something.  It returned to the website and so when I bought a dress online I made sure I bought it this time.  Just need some more silver rings to put with it now!

The gold ring with the cream stone was also from Topshop but this time in the sale.  It was £3.75 and I really like the elaborate edge.

The snake ring was an impulse buy from Primark costing only 50p!  I quite like quirky rings and it's a nice one to play with because of the shape.

The swirly earrings cost £3.75 in the sale at Topshop, I quite like chunky earrings which arn't dangly and I think these would be appropriate for me to wear on my teaching placement.  They are a nice nude colour and would dress up a smart, plain outfit.

The last pair of earrings were £2.50 from Topshop in the sale.  They look like they are made of gold thread which makes them look less tacky than they would have done if they were plain gold in colour.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The one where I'm branching out and copying.

I never go to Topshop.  I own very little Topshop clothing and what I do have mostly used to belong to my lovely best friend who gives me her hand-me-downs.  It is just all too tempting and expensive.  The other day, however, I went in.

I saw a friend wearing this dress at a birthday party and, after asking her where it was from, was shocked to find out that it was only £20.  The colour options were dark purple, maroon or black and I chose the purple although this photo does not show it's true shade.  It is a skater dress, tight at the top and then flares out from the bottom of the rib cage.  It is a very modest length, so much so infact that at 5'5 I would almost feel short wearing it with flats, however I shall try it and see.

My best friend (and many others) has this dress in bright blue which I think is absolutely gorgeous.  This one is a salmon pink colour but only cost £20 in the sale so I thought 'ignore the slightly horrible colour and the fact that you struggle with wearing sleeves and just treat yourself'.  I think it will look very cute with a belt on a night out or when I go out for a meal.

I saw a girl on my course wearing this today and then came across it in Topshop, reduced from £30 to £15.  I think it is so cute with the little deer and I really love that colour at the moment.  The only problem is that I'm not sure what other coloured tops it would go with apart from white and cream.  Any ideas?

Not satisfied with two new dresses from the Topshop sale, I ended up on the website.  BAD IDEA!  This dress was £20 too, it is very tight and has a black exposed zip at the back.  Not my normal style but I do like to dress up uber girly sometimes and if not, I can dress it down with some funky boots.

I also bought some jewellery in the sale but I'll leave that for a jewellery haul that I have planned.

The one where I'm too cheap to be glossy.

I knew nothing about beauty boxes until I started watching Youtube videos on beauty products.  These videos introduced me to the GlossyBox and Boudoir Prive Beauty Box which both cost over £10.  As I use very little beauty products and only wear makeup occasionally, I don't feel that it is worth my while subscribing to these boxes.  I have too much stuff that I don't use already!  I did however find out about the Latest in Beauty box which only costs £1 and you can order over text.  You pick 3 samples from 3 catagories; skin care, makeup & fragrance and hair & body. 

It only took a few days for my box to arrive which was nice.  It is obviously not as well presented as the expensive beauty boxes but that is to be expected.

The first sample that I received was a very little tube of the Crabtree & Evelyn Lily perfume with a sachet of the matching body lotion.  It is describes as smelling of Lily of the Valley but with hints of hyacinth and ylang ylang.  It is certainly fresh and floral but smells rather 'grannyish' to me!

The box included a £5 off voucher for Crabtree & Evelyn products however I very much doubt I will be using this judging by the perfume sample.

The Doctor Brand Blemish Relief Kit was the samples I was most keen to receive.  If you've read my blog before you'll know that I have big time problem skin!  You are instructed to use the cleanser (wash it off), the rub in the blemish treatment gel and finish off by rubbing in the lotion.  All three products stung which is something I rarely experience having the opposite of sensitive skin.  Robust skin?  Something like that!  This made it fairly unbearable to use the products however in the name of testing I persevered.  Another strange thing about these products was the fact that you had to rub 2 products into your skin without washing them off.  I know those of you who are used to using moisturisers and primers and then makeup will be used to this, I found it rather strange.  Obviously I only had one sample of each of the products and so I have no idea about the long term effects of these products.  I can say, however, that my skin looked rubbish after using this, massively shiny!

The last sample was the Lumenesse Age-Defying Colour Care High Volume Shampoo & Conditioner which retails for a whopping £18 for a 350ml bottle.  Both products were nicely textured and smelt nice.  Nice though, not any more than that.  The conditioner wasn't particularly conditioning although it is designed for coloured hair which I thought was quite strange.  My main problem with these samples was nothing to do with the actual products, it was more to do with the sample size.  I have very fine hair which is shoulder length but the amount of shampoo and conditioner which was provided in the sample wasn't enough for my whole head!

I would get this beauty box again as it is so cheap however only if there was a particular product available that I am really interested in.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The one where I love New Look. New Look, New Look, New Look.

The moment I get an email from a store to say that they've got a sale on I am in trouble.  If you've read my blog then you'll know I love to buy from New Look, it's better than Primark and has some cheaper versions of the sort of clothes that you can get in more expensive store like Topshop.  Of course I went onto the New Look website to browse the sale just to see if there was anything on there that I might have been interested in.  Sadly (for my bank balance) I fell in love.

Thick heel, covered foot, comfy looking, bit quirky, I present to you the £19.99 New Look 'suede' heeled boots that, lets be honest, I'm sure everyone now has.  They were reduced by £10 and seemed like the perfect boot to me.  I think they are kind of ugly off, but on my feet they look awesome!  I'm just looking for some lacy ankle socks to buy to go with them.  I must say that I have now worn these twice, once to go to a house party and then again to go out for a meal and I am having comfort issues!  I had such high hopes but these caused blisters on my ankles (my fault for not wearing tights) and sore spots on the bottom of my feet, nevertheless I suspect they will get easier in time.

I have a lovely pussybow blouse already but it has sleeves and I freaking hate sleeves!  Although this blouse is a rather strange colour (orangey pinky and undescribable) I do like it.  It is a bit big and because of the length of the back, I don't feel that it is appropriate to be worn not tucked in.  It was only £6 and I have already worn it (with, of course, a vest underneath!)

I have a lovely navy fitted blazer from H & M but when I saw this for £12 I just had to go for it.  Sadly they only had a size 14 so it is well too big for me, being already quite oversized.  I am hoping to wear it with shorts or a mini skirt and heels as a sort of coat.  The colour is gorgeous too.

I am only just gaining the abilty to wear jumbers, they are not designed for people who get hot easily!  It is now getting quite cold though and this one is nice and loose.  I didn't realise until it arrived in the post that it has sparkly threads running through it.  Usually I would have run a mile at that but I just love the shape so much.  I has massive bat wing arms and then is cropped so it looks really cute with just a simple vest top.  It was only £10 too!

I've seen people on blogs wearing these skirts that are longer at the back and shorter at the front.  I only ever really wear shorts skirt because long ones make me look really stumpy even though I'm 5'5 which isn't that short.  After some consideration I decided to just go for it with this skirt.  It does look a little bit strange worn as a skirt but pulled up to around my ribs and worn with a black vest I think it makes a cute dress.  Any suggestions of how to wear it as a skirt?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The one where I've resorted to the best.

Since I started my blog I've been trying out a few cleansers/face washes.  First there was the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser which had a lovely texture and didn't dry my skin out but definitely didn't help to get rid of or prevent blemishes.  I then tried the Superdrug face wash designed to clear up skin (Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Wash) which seemed to be helping my skin but by the end of the tube my skin was so dry it was clearly not the right one for me.

After these failures and a long while of snooping around blogs and vlogs, the only thing that I have seen repeatedly recommended is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.  I cringe at the price but if it works, and keeps my skin clear and not dry, I'll be happy.

It cost £13.75 for an 100ml pump starter kit (which included 2 muslin cloths).  Delivery cost £3 which bumped up the price even more but it only took a few days for it to arrive and it came packaged in a lovely way.  The parcel had a fragile sticker on it and then when I opened it there was lots of goodies inside.  The actual cleanser and cloths were in a pale green, pencil case style case and I was also sent a 50ml Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, some samples of the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in 3 different shades and a booklet of the Liz Earle products.  There was also a letter welcoming me as a buyer, they definitely give you lots of love for your money!

I got all of this yesterday and started using the cleanser immediately.  This morning when I woke up my skin actually looked good, now I don't know whether this is because of the cleanser or just because today is a good day but we shall see.  I am going to try out the Sheer Skin Tint when I next wear makeup which I suspect will be tonight when I go out.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The one where it's getting cold, even for me.

I am one of those strange people who get really hot really quickly so I often struggle with wearing wintery clothes even when it is cold. In England it has gone from a shock heatwave to cold, cold weather so I have actually been able to wear a jumper! This one is new and was £10 in the New Look sale. I ordered it online because I love the loose armed but cropped shape but when I received it I was slightly upset to find it has silver threads running through the knit. It is also a dark green rather than a black but after a day of wearing it, I love it!  As you might notice, I've had a mop chop recently.  The hairdresser thought my ombre was dye that had grown out (!) and said that my hair was in such bad condition I needed to have a good few inches off.  I'm not too keen on it but I'm just waiting for it to grow.

Earrings - Primark
Jumper - New Look
Black vest - New Look
Shorts - Primark

The one where I'm minty fresh faced.

I would be disappointed to hear if any of my girl friends were unaware of the brand Soap and Glory.  The packaging is so eyecatching, pink, yellow and silver with bold writing, puns and photos of pin-up girls.  It is all more expensive than I would usually spend on body and face products but it is by no means expensive.  I have quite a lot of Soap and Glory products from receiving them as presents, expecially in Christmas gifts but this one I bought myself.

It is the Soap and Glory 'scrub your nose in it' face scrub which can be used as either a scrub or a mask and is designed to reduce blemishes and shrink pores.  If you don't like the smell of mint then don't even think about buying this.  It smells a bit like toothpaste which I completely love.  It comes out as a green paste with exfoliating particles and I usually smooth it onto my face and then leave it for a good few minutes to let it act as a mask.  I definitely feel like my pores are much tighter after I've used this and would definitely recomend it and most other Soap and Glory products!