Saturday, 23 July 2011

The one where I named the blog.

I am painstakingly aware that the name of my blog sounds tacky and pretentious but it is a sort of joke between my girl friends and I that we all need to stop thinking about the opposite sex and be strong, independent women.  Most of them have failed massively to achieve such a status but I am adamant that I have!

It is difficult being put on the spot anyway isn't it?  I hate having to make up new usernames and passwords that I will remember but no one else will guess and that don't make me sound too pathetic!  At least at my age one should have grown out of the tweenage tendency to make up names like 'littlemisschloe_Ox' and 'x hot lips x'.  I can't imagine the embarrassment of having to give such an email address at anything mildly professional.

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