Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The one with the skin care challenge.

I read this blog post from Steff about her miracle acne cure and was inspired to try out the product she recommended product.  Because of my job I know lots about skin care products and I have tried many (only cheap ones though because I can't bring myself to spend much on beauty products).  I came to the conclusion that nothing I tried was working, I have oily skin and have suffered from acne since I became a teenager.  My sister suggested the old 'soap and water' thing so I tried that for a while and I think I noticed an improvement although as soon as I started working again and the stress started, I suffered from more breakouts. 

Today is my third day using the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser.  This is what it looks like on the shelf.

It is a quite large tube of cleanser with a muslin cloth.  It feels lovely and creamy when you rub it into your face and then the muslin cloth gently exfoliates your face as you wipe it off.  After a day or two of using this I did come out with some new spots which I was not pleased about however I have just moved into a new house so that might be from stress rather than because of the product.  I am going to persevere with it as today (on the third day) my skin is looking a little better than it did yesterday.  The other problem I am having is that we are having a few problems with the hot water at our new house so unfortunately I am having to use it as more of a cold cloth cleanser!

Can anyone recommend any products to help my skin?  I am nearly 20 and completely sick of spots!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The one where I am ready to party.

Had a cheeky purchase of a new dress in the Asos sale.  It was only £15!

As you can see it is blue, has a sweetheart neckline but also straps, is ruched at the top and then comes out at the waist to skim out over the hips.  I was a little disappointed when it arrived (obviously I ordered it online) because the colours is much darker than the photo on the website and infact darker than these photos too!  The sweetheart neckline is also higher than I would have expected and sadly it is a little too big around the waist.  However the best detailing is the back.

As you can hopefully tell from this photo, the back has a bow detail (to conveniently cover ones bra) and then an opening to show a nice bit of skin.  It makes the dress a little more interesting and I think it looks lovely!

I am planning on wearing this dress to celebrate my best friend's birthday in a few days and then either on nights out with lovely large heels or maybe with a cardi and tights in the day. 

I did also buy some shorts from the Asos sale although they are way too big for me.  They were size 12s but in the petite section.  I have been size 12 on top and 10 on the bottom for a good while but I thought I had (sadly) got a bit more chunky recently so I went for this size.  I don't know whether it is because Asos sizes are large or whatever but this sort of reassured me that I do have a little bit of body dismorphia and that actually I'm not fat.  Am I?!

The one where I'm not happy with what I've got.

This is my hair after using mousse, blowdrying it upside down and straightening out the flicks.  I rarely wear my hair down as I have a real problem with having hair in my face, it just annoys me all day long!  I recently got my sister to trim the ends but I am trying in vain to grow it, without much success.  I am also unhappy with the fact that my hair is so flat and thin and I really struggle to make it anywhere near voluminous. 

I know that we all want what we can't have.  I remember at school the girls with curly hair always straightened it within an inch of it's life and the rest of us craved curls.  One girl even had a perm to change her straight hair!

So has anyone got any advice for products of techniques which will make my very very thin and flat hair big and lovely?  I'll do a few reviews about the things I try to see if I can advise anything too.  Thanks!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The one where I am impatient.

So this is the promised nail varnish post.  I painted my nails yesterday morning with a nail varnish I have had for a while.  I then went to work, bought some more, repainted them after work, painted my toenails too and then repainted them today!

So the first shade is Lucky Lilac by No7 which is a Boots brand.  It costs £7 but Boots are doing £5 No7 vouchers at the moment which makes it much more affordable.  It is a lovely pastel lilac colour, perfect for understated but still coloured nails.

I repainted my nails using Peppermint by Rimmel which is a shade I have been wanting for a while.  It is again perfect for the pastel trend and I thought it made my cream and brown outfit last night a little more interesting.  Lots of people complimented me on it and it is definitely a popular colour at the moment.

I tried out No7's Violetta last night on my toes.  It is a gorgeous royal blue colour when you look at it in the bottle but it goes onto your nails as more of a dull and dark purple, almost black.  I was very disappointed with this although I have had similar problems with dark coloured nail varnishes in the past.

Today I used No7's Beautifully Black to paint over my toenails.  It is basically a black with sort of a glittery silver tinge to it.  Over Violetta it looks pretty cool but I imagine (like most black nail varnishes) it would need several coats to acheive a good shade if you were painting straight onto your nails.

That's it readers!  I imagine I shall be using many more of my massive nail varnish collection to brighten my not particularly exciting at the moment life so let me know if you want to hear and see more.

The one where I feel empowered.

Ok so no fashion or beauty in this post, just female role models and people's misjudgements.  Anyone who works in a shop will know that you often get a load of really horrible customers coming in.  Today a woman came in who belittled me for not being trained in the healthcare section of our store.  She said, and I quote; 'no wonder young people today are going nowhere'.  I'm sure many people can relate to this.  Just because I am young and working in a shop she presumed that I am essentially worthless and 'going nowhere'.  Firstly may I say that I have nothing against people who work in shops full time.  There is nothing wrong with it at all!  But also that my parents taught me the importance of hard work.  I am working full time in this shop during my university holiday where I am training to be a teacher.  I wouldn't say that this is going nowhere!

Anyway I got home from work and of course I am on my laptop to read some blogs, check my facebook and watch some TV on catchup.  Today I am watching a programme presented by Cherry Healey who presents lots of topical documentaries.  I think she is amazing, just because she is normal and accepting of all the contrasting people who she meets.  She is also beautiful and charismatic which makes for a inspirational woman I would say!  Anyway check out any of her programmes if you are interested in love, babies, money etc.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this, I will be posting about some of the nail varnishes I have been using in the last couple of days after I've munched on roasties and veggie sausages (otherwise known as dinner).

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The one with raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens.

A few of my favourite things!  Incase you didn't get the clue in the title!  When I was photographing the jewellery that I bought from Forever 21, I thought I'd photograph some of my favourite accessories to show you.

This one of my favourite necklaces.  I hardly wore necklaces until I bought this one because I left them all at home when I went to uni!  I wanted a swallow necklace ages ago but after browsing the internet I couldn't find one that was nice and reasonably priced.  Just before I went home for easter I went to Gloucester with my friends for a H & M shop.  We live in Cheltenham which has loads of shops but just no H & M which is why we generally do a termly trip to Gloucester.  I can't quite remember but I think this came from Topshop because we popped in there to raid the jewellery sale.  I have dark hair and fairly tanned skin so gold suits me and I love this necklace!

I have a real issue with having hair in my face, I rarely have it down and although I managed to cope with a side fringe for a few years, I grew it out ages ago.  However, in February I was really bored of just having a ponytail and looking bald (my hair is so thin) so I took some scissors on a Friday night and hacked myself a new side fringe.  Risky I know!  Obviously I struggled to cope with even having this in my face.  I have quite oily skin and because my hair is so thin it often looks a bit stringy and horrible which is where my appreciation of hair bows came from.  I have been trying to make my look more girly recently so the addition of a hair bow to any outfit helps this.  This particular one is cream which goes with so many outfits and belongs to my best uni friend.  She gave it to me after months of it living in my room so I am eternally grateful.  It is, however, a little blackened due to a night out with some guys dressed as goths.  But that is a whole other story!

These are my brogues.  I got them in the sale at Peacocks a couple of months ago.  Peacocks is the only shop in my local town when I'm at home with the 'rents but I'm hoping to get some more brogues when I'm back in Chelts and have access to the wonder that is Primark.  I know it is a contriversial shop but I dislike spending large quantities on clothes therefore I like Primark.  Brogues combined with brown chinos and cream floaty tops make me feel classy.  I am, afterall, a self labelled classy person.  I hope my friends would agree!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The one where I received two parcels.

So in the last couple of days I have received two lovely parcels; one from New Look and one from Forever21.  My New Look order included some basic vests in white, black and rust.  Now really I ordered this for the white and black vests but I am surprisingly drawn to the rust one so I am very pleased!  I also got a cream ruffled top and a chiffon pussy bow blouse to go with my brown skirt and shorts which I shall take a picture of at a later date to show you!  The much awaited riding boots also arrived.  I am still unsure as to whether I should have got brown ones instead of black so I havn't taken the stickers off yet.  I have been doing lots of dressing up to try to find outfits to wear with them, I am worried that they look too much like hooker boots!  I'll keep you posted on that one!

My other parcel was from Forever 21.

These are some of the earrings that I bought.  They are a sort of vintage gold colour with diamantes and as you can see they are in cute little angel wing shapes.  These came in a packet with fake pearls and diamante studs and only cost £2.40 which I thought was excellent.  Sadly my favourite fake pearls got broken at a beer festival that I went to with some of my friends a few weeks ago.  I honestly don't know how but I ended up with only one earring!

This is the necklace that ordered.  It is a little deer that you can have in either silver or gold.  I chose gold as it seems to suit my colouring much better.  I also bought a waist belt, knitted headband and some presents which, again, I am very pleased with.  A very successful online haul!  Good job my parents have gone away so that they can't nag me about just how many parcels I have been receiving!

Monday, 8 August 2011

The one where I pondered the meaning of the aformentioned blog.

So I have spent my day off (from my holiday job at a well known health and beauty store) watching Youtube beauty vlogs and reading various blogs.  I am a shameful girl in that I wear no makeup and until recently have taken very little care over what I wear.  I used to live in a uniform of vests, hoodies and jeans.  This is a product of having a lovely mum who wears no makeup, has short hair and likes to wear fleeces.  Fleeces are (in my opinion) the devil.  What I am trying to say is that there is no way I can be a beauty blogger when I use no beauty products and stopped taking photos of myself at the age of 16!  Once I work out how to blog with photos I vow to try to include some photos of my favourite outfits though and we shall see which direction this blog takes.

As I am currently on holiday from university I am earning lots of money and doing some very naughty internet shopping.  I have recently bought some brown chinos, shorts and brogues so I have been buying lots of floaty creamy tops to go with them and that will hopefully be suitable for teaching placement.  I am currently waiting for a New Look order to arrive.  New Look in my university town is a fair walk away from the main shops and my ex's ex works there which (stupidly) put me off however I find loads of great things online so when I go back to university I will try and go there more.  One of the items I am waiting for are some riding style boots.  Now I have been wanting a pair since last winter, a girl from my course who has a Youtube channel (and who doesn't know that I watch it) had some great ones in loads of OOTDs and New Look finally put some new season ones online.  I choose black because my sheepskin boots (not UGGs but Sketchers ones which are just as good if not better) are brown.  Fingers crossed they will suit me!

I am also waiting on a parcel from Forever21 which I only discovered the other day through beauty vlogs.  I have ordered a few pieces of gold jewellery including an owl watch necklace for my best friend from university who last year gave me loads of clothes that she had grown out of.  I had a bit of a moral dilema about whether to give her money for them or whether she would feel offended but my mum suggested I get her a present instead so here we go!

My day and indeed holiday has been full of music too.  My favourite band of the moment are Twin Atlantic.  I have never been so attracted to the Scottish accent in my life!  Check them out if you like indie music.  I saw them at 2000 Trees Festival (which was awesome) and fell in love with them!  I say check them out as though someone is actually reading this but I really doubt they are.  If anyone happens to stumble across me (I still don't really know how this works) please feel free to leave a comment to reassure me that I am not alone in the world!