Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The one where I am impatient.

So this is the promised nail varnish post.  I painted my nails yesterday morning with a nail varnish I have had for a while.  I then went to work, bought some more, repainted them after work, painted my toenails too and then repainted them today!

So the first shade is Lucky Lilac by No7 which is a Boots brand.  It costs £7 but Boots are doing £5 No7 vouchers at the moment which makes it much more affordable.  It is a lovely pastel lilac colour, perfect for understated but still coloured nails.

I repainted my nails using Peppermint by Rimmel which is a shade I have been wanting for a while.  It is again perfect for the pastel trend and I thought it made my cream and brown outfit last night a little more interesting.  Lots of people complimented me on it and it is definitely a popular colour at the moment.

I tried out No7's Violetta last night on my toes.  It is a gorgeous royal blue colour when you look at it in the bottle but it goes onto your nails as more of a dull and dark purple, almost black.  I was very disappointed with this although I have had similar problems with dark coloured nail varnishes in the past.

Today I used No7's Beautifully Black to paint over my toenails.  It is basically a black with sort of a glittery silver tinge to it.  Over Violetta it looks pretty cool but I imagine (like most black nail varnishes) it would need several coats to acheive a good shade if you were painting straight onto your nails.

That's it readers!  I imagine I shall be using many more of my massive nail varnish collection to brighten my not particularly exciting at the moment life so let me know if you want to hear and see more.

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