Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The one where I feel empowered.

Ok so no fashion or beauty in this post, just female role models and people's misjudgements.  Anyone who works in a shop will know that you often get a load of really horrible customers coming in.  Today a woman came in who belittled me for not being trained in the healthcare section of our store.  She said, and I quote; 'no wonder young people today are going nowhere'.  I'm sure many people can relate to this.  Just because I am young and working in a shop she presumed that I am essentially worthless and 'going nowhere'.  Firstly may I say that I have nothing against people who work in shops full time.  There is nothing wrong with it at all!  But also that my parents taught me the importance of hard work.  I am working full time in this shop during my university holiday where I am training to be a teacher.  I wouldn't say that this is going nowhere!

Anyway I got home from work and of course I am on my laptop to read some blogs, check my facebook and watch some TV on catchup.  Today I am watching a programme presented by Cherry Healey who presents lots of topical documentaries.  I think she is amazing, just because she is normal and accepting of all the contrasting people who she meets.  She is also beautiful and charismatic which makes for a inspirational woman I would say!  Anyway check out any of her programmes if you are interested in love, babies, money etc.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this, I will be posting about some of the nail varnishes I have been using in the last couple of days after I've munched on roasties and veggie sausages (otherwise known as dinner).

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