Monday, 8 August 2011

The one where I pondered the meaning of the aformentioned blog.

So I have spent my day off (from my holiday job at a well known health and beauty store) watching Youtube beauty vlogs and reading various blogs.  I am a shameful girl in that I wear no makeup and until recently have taken very little care over what I wear.  I used to live in a uniform of vests, hoodies and jeans.  This is a product of having a lovely mum who wears no makeup, has short hair and likes to wear fleeces.  Fleeces are (in my opinion) the devil.  What I am trying to say is that there is no way I can be a beauty blogger when I use no beauty products and stopped taking photos of myself at the age of 16!  Once I work out how to blog with photos I vow to try to include some photos of my favourite outfits though and we shall see which direction this blog takes.

As I am currently on holiday from university I am earning lots of money and doing some very naughty internet shopping.  I have recently bought some brown chinos, shorts and brogues so I have been buying lots of floaty creamy tops to go with them and that will hopefully be suitable for teaching placement.  I am currently waiting for a New Look order to arrive.  New Look in my university town is a fair walk away from the main shops and my ex's ex works there which (stupidly) put me off however I find loads of great things online so when I go back to university I will try and go there more.  One of the items I am waiting for are some riding style boots.  Now I have been wanting a pair since last winter, a girl from my course who has a Youtube channel (and who doesn't know that I watch it) had some great ones in loads of OOTDs and New Look finally put some new season ones online.  I choose black because my sheepskin boots (not UGGs but Sketchers ones which are just as good if not better) are brown.  Fingers crossed they will suit me!

I am also waiting on a parcel from Forever21 which I only discovered the other day through beauty vlogs.  I have ordered a few pieces of gold jewellery including an owl watch necklace for my best friend from university who last year gave me loads of clothes that she had grown out of.  I had a bit of a moral dilema about whether to give her money for them or whether she would feel offended but my mum suggested I get her a present instead so here we go!

My day and indeed holiday has been full of music too.  My favourite band of the moment are Twin Atlantic.  I have never been so attracted to the Scottish accent in my life!  Check them out if you like indie music.  I saw them at 2000 Trees Festival (which was awesome) and fell in love with them!  I say check them out as though someone is actually reading this but I really doubt they are.  If anyone happens to stumble across me (I still don't really know how this works) please feel free to leave a comment to reassure me that I am not alone in the world!

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