Thursday, 11 August 2011

The one where I received two parcels.

So in the last couple of days I have received two lovely parcels; one from New Look and one from Forever21.  My New Look order included some basic vests in white, black and rust.  Now really I ordered this for the white and black vests but I am surprisingly drawn to the rust one so I am very pleased!  I also got a cream ruffled top and a chiffon pussy bow blouse to go with my brown skirt and shorts which I shall take a picture of at a later date to show you!  The much awaited riding boots also arrived.  I am still unsure as to whether I should have got brown ones instead of black so I havn't taken the stickers off yet.  I have been doing lots of dressing up to try to find outfits to wear with them, I am worried that they look too much like hooker boots!  I'll keep you posted on that one!

My other parcel was from Forever 21.

These are some of the earrings that I bought.  They are a sort of vintage gold colour with diamantes and as you can see they are in cute little angel wing shapes.  These came in a packet with fake pearls and diamante studs and only cost £2.40 which I thought was excellent.  Sadly my favourite fake pearls got broken at a beer festival that I went to with some of my friends a few weeks ago.  I honestly don't know how but I ended up with only one earring!

This is the necklace that ordered.  It is a little deer that you can have in either silver or gold.  I chose gold as it seems to suit my colouring much better.  I also bought a waist belt, knitted headband and some presents which, again, I am very pleased with.  A very successful online haul!  Good job my parents have gone away so that they can't nag me about just how many parcels I have been receiving!

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