Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The one where I'm not happy with what I've got.

This is my hair after using mousse, blowdrying it upside down and straightening out the flicks.  I rarely wear my hair down as I have a real problem with having hair in my face, it just annoys me all day long!  I recently got my sister to trim the ends but I am trying in vain to grow it, without much success.  I am also unhappy with the fact that my hair is so flat and thin and I really struggle to make it anywhere near voluminous. 

I know that we all want what we can't have.  I remember at school the girls with curly hair always straightened it within an inch of it's life and the rest of us craved curls.  One girl even had a perm to change her straight hair!

So has anyone got any advice for products of techniques which will make my very very thin and flat hair big and lovely?  I'll do a few reviews about the things I try to see if I can advise anything too.  Thanks!

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