Sunday, 14 August 2011

The one with raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens.

A few of my favourite things!  Incase you didn't get the clue in the title!  When I was photographing the jewellery that I bought from Forever 21, I thought I'd photograph some of my favourite accessories to show you.

This one of my favourite necklaces.  I hardly wore necklaces until I bought this one because I left them all at home when I went to uni!  I wanted a swallow necklace ages ago but after browsing the internet I couldn't find one that was nice and reasonably priced.  Just before I went home for easter I went to Gloucester with my friends for a H & M shop.  We live in Cheltenham which has loads of shops but just no H & M which is why we generally do a termly trip to Gloucester.  I can't quite remember but I think this came from Topshop because we popped in there to raid the jewellery sale.  I have dark hair and fairly tanned skin so gold suits me and I love this necklace!

I have a real issue with having hair in my face, I rarely have it down and although I managed to cope with a side fringe for a few years, I grew it out ages ago.  However, in February I was really bored of just having a ponytail and looking bald (my hair is so thin) so I took some scissors on a Friday night and hacked myself a new side fringe.  Risky I know!  Obviously I struggled to cope with even having this in my face.  I have quite oily skin and because my hair is so thin it often looks a bit stringy and horrible which is where my appreciation of hair bows came from.  I have been trying to make my look more girly recently so the addition of a hair bow to any outfit helps this.  This particular one is cream which goes with so many outfits and belongs to my best uni friend.  She gave it to me after months of it living in my room so I am eternally grateful.  It is, however, a little blackened due to a night out with some guys dressed as goths.  But that is a whole other story!

These are my brogues.  I got them in the sale at Peacocks a couple of months ago.  Peacocks is the only shop in my local town when I'm at home with the 'rents but I'm hoping to get some more brogues when I'm back in Chelts and have access to the wonder that is Primark.  I know it is a contriversial shop but I dislike spending large quantities on clothes therefore I like Primark.  Brogues combined with brown chinos and cream floaty tops make me feel classy.  I am, afterall, a self labelled classy person.  I hope my friends would agree!

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