Sunday, 25 September 2011

The one where I can't resist the spending.

I went into town to get my hair cut today and ended up (as usual) diverting to New Look and Primark.  It is not that I don't like other shops, it's just like I like to have lots of clothes rather than less but more expensive ones.  New Look had a 20% student discount event on too.

I have studs and earrings that dangle but I've realised that I have a defecit of large studs.  These ones came from New Look and cost only £2.99.  The colour is a dark coral and the gold rim is very subtle so they look very tasteful.

These ones are a bit more loud and tacky but then again they do come from the mighty Primark.  They only cost £2 and are a lovely colour.

I've already mentioned this one in previous blog posts but didn't include it in a haul.  It is the primark stag ring to go with the necklace that I already own.  I bought a small which fits perfectly on my ring finger (on the right hand of course).  It was £2 and is a gorgeous statement piece.  It is only the impractical elements of it that let it down.  I managed to stab my hand with it on one occasion and have had a few problems with, for example, dragging clothes off their hangers when trying to put stuff in my wardrobe!

These two rings came in a set from Primark, again for £2.  I think they are really cute and of course this way I can wear the same ring but pick whether I want to wear gold or silver.

It took several sightings of this ring to decide to actually buy it.  I managed to pick a size that fits right on both fingers which I think is pretty crucial when it comes to rings.  After wearing it for an evening I love it.  Although the diamantes are a bit tacky, the 'antique' nature of the gold reduces that.  It was £2.

I know I've talked about how I used to live in vests but those were tank top style vests.  The ones that I've been buying recently are the shoestring style which can be worn under other tops.  The first, second and fifth are from Primark and the others are from New Look.  They all cost around the £2 or £3 mark.

I spotted this top on the way to the till in Primark.  It only cost £4 and although I had to get a size 16 (which I am certainly not) because they didn't have many sizes left, I love it.  It is a very sheer, peach coloured lace top which is perfect to wear over a vest top.  It is possibly one of the girliest  items of clothing I own but what makes you feel more feminine than lace?

This purchase was sort of a continuation of my search for autumn colours.  The dark green is a colour I grew up with, my parents favourite colour, the colour of the carpets at home and all that kind of thing.  I never used to like it but now I really do.  I said that my new Primark bag satisfied my thirst for a new bag but it seemed it didn't.  It was £13 which I really didn't need to spend on a bag but I know I'll use it.

I used to stick to wearing black ballet pumps because that's what I used to wear to school and it's what I have to wear to work.  These £8 pumps from New Look come in several different colours so I snapped up the gorgeous purple colour and some brown ones.  Got my eye on the cream ones too!

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