Saturday, 3 September 2011

The one where I'm getting into jewellery.

One of the things I really love when reading other people's blogs is looking at their jewellery.  It has taken a while but I am finally starting to develop my own taste for jewellery and actually start wearing it!  I have already posted about a few new pieces I bought but since I've been in my new house I've been shopping a few more times and here is what I bought.

On my first trip to Primarni I bought this stag necklace.  I've seen it (and the matching earrings and ring) on several blogs and vlogs and thought that I couldn't pull off such a large pendant, however I thought it was cute (and it reminded me of the genuine stag's antlers that we have on the wall at home, no joke) so I bought it.  It was only £2 and I've already worn it several times so I am very pleased with that one!

A couple of days later I returned to Primark, looking for the stag earrings, maybe also the ring and some shorts that I didn't have enough money for the first time.  As is the case with Primark there were absolutely none left.  After two days!  I hate how this happens.  But anyway after much searching for the stag jewellery I found some other pieces to buy instead.  I don't usually wear long necklaces but I love this antique gold birdcage pendant and it was only £2.50.

 I have seen envelope pendant necklaces before but couldn't bring myself to spend much on one.  I pondered over this one while in the shop because it is bright 'gold' and quite cheap looking but it's also cute so I thought I could splash a whole £2 on it.

Again I have seen these earrings on blogs and vlogs, I know I have just said that I've developed my own taste in jewellery but blogs and vlogs are just a way to see what's in the shops and what I do and don't like.  I really like the antique gold detailing at the top and although I don't often wear dangling earrings I think these would look good if I wore my hair loose.  They were £2.

I've been on the lookout for some cameo jewellery and although I am not keen on the tacky diamante's around the edge of these earrings, for £1 you can't really complain.

The next shop I visited was New Look and to my delight I found some stag earrings!  They are a brighter gold than the necklace but I wouldn't wear them together anyway so I am very happy.  They were only £2.99 and I got a student discount too.

I've been admiring other people's rings for ages but have never really worn them myself.  My excuse has always been that I don't know what size my fingers are and I hate that feeling when you have to force a ring over your knuckle and then it is loose when it's actually on your finger.  Anyway I have decided that I am over this and here is the first of my collection.  I thought that the butterfly, leaf and 'pearl' detailing is really pretty, as is the pale pink colour of the stone.  It is big but not too big.  After leaving the shop I started to wonder whether it actually is pretty or tacky, let me know any thoughts.  I am planning on keeping it though as it was only £2.99.

So that's it, a nice selection of jewellery to boost my collection and start me off on accessorizing my outfits properly!

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