Friday, 16 September 2011

The one where I've shopped the autumn colours.

I used to be a girl of many colours.  Always bright colours, regardless of the season.  It has changed recently though, I like deeper colours and more subtle shades and the colours that are in the shops this autumn/winter are gorgeous.

I got these high waisted shorts from New Look (of course).  They fit perfectly!  Some people say that high waisted shorts are uncomfortable but (although I'm slim) I love to feel pulled in at the waist.

 I bought these a couple of weeks after the first.  I just love the rust shade and the corduroy material, they are so soft!  I'm not sure about what tops to wear with these though.  What colours go with rust?  Both pairs of shorts were around £20 but I also got a student discount.  I plan to wear shorts through the winter with tights because I get too hot in jeans and find them too uncomfortable.

I hate wearing tshirts, I really struggle with things that cover my shoulder and the top of my arms.  It is very strange I know but it's just how I work.  I want to start wearing baggy tshirts with my new shorts though because I think they look good pulled in.  This is just a brown tshirt with boots on it, from Primark for about £3.  I might cut the sleeves off depending on how it looks on.

I get very hot very easily so I often just wear vest tops and then put a layer or two on top.  This mustard coloured top from New Look was about £12 and I think it will look cute over a vest top or on (slightly risque) nights out, simply paired with shorts.

I never wear scarves but I love the silky material and autumn colours of this scarf from New Look.  There were lots of different colours and patterns, this one has horse riding accessories on it which make up the pattern.  It cost £8 which I was reluctant to pay but I liked it so much I thought I'd treat myself.  Any suggestions for how to wear it would be welcome though!

This £7 Primark bag satisfied my desire for a new bag.  I used to be really 'matchy matchy' about my accessories and if I wore brown boots I had to have a brown bag and vice versa.  I now have brown and black shoes so this bag calms my matching urges!  It is just big enough to hold a notebook or book too so is perfect to take to a lecture.

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