Thursday, 20 October 2011

The one where I love New Look. New Look, New Look, New Look.

The moment I get an email from a store to say that they've got a sale on I am in trouble.  If you've read my blog then you'll know I love to buy from New Look, it's better than Primark and has some cheaper versions of the sort of clothes that you can get in more expensive store like Topshop.  Of course I went onto the New Look website to browse the sale just to see if there was anything on there that I might have been interested in.  Sadly (for my bank balance) I fell in love.

Thick heel, covered foot, comfy looking, bit quirky, I present to you the £19.99 New Look 'suede' heeled boots that, lets be honest, I'm sure everyone now has.  They were reduced by £10 and seemed like the perfect boot to me.  I think they are kind of ugly off, but on my feet they look awesome!  I'm just looking for some lacy ankle socks to buy to go with them.  I must say that I have now worn these twice, once to go to a house party and then again to go out for a meal and I am having comfort issues!  I had such high hopes but these caused blisters on my ankles (my fault for not wearing tights) and sore spots on the bottom of my feet, nevertheless I suspect they will get easier in time.

I have a lovely pussybow blouse already but it has sleeves and I freaking hate sleeves!  Although this blouse is a rather strange colour (orangey pinky and undescribable) I do like it.  It is a bit big and because of the length of the back, I don't feel that it is appropriate to be worn not tucked in.  It was only £6 and I have already worn it (with, of course, a vest underneath!)

I have a lovely navy fitted blazer from H & M but when I saw this for £12 I just had to go for it.  Sadly they only had a size 14 so it is well too big for me, being already quite oversized.  I am hoping to wear it with shorts or a mini skirt and heels as a sort of coat.  The colour is gorgeous too.

I am only just gaining the abilty to wear jumbers, they are not designed for people who get hot easily!  It is now getting quite cold though and this one is nice and loose.  I didn't realise until it arrived in the post that it has sparkly threads running through it.  Usually I would have run a mile at that but I just love the shape so much.  I has massive bat wing arms and then is cropped so it looks really cute with just a simple vest top.  It was only £10 too!

I've seen people on blogs wearing these skirts that are longer at the back and shorter at the front.  I only ever really wear shorts skirt because long ones make me look really stumpy even though I'm 5'5 which isn't that short.  After some consideration I decided to just go for it with this skirt.  It does look a little bit strange worn as a skirt but pulled up to around my ribs and worn with a black vest I think it makes a cute dress.  Any suggestions of how to wear it as a skirt?

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