Sunday, 9 October 2011

The one where I'm minty fresh faced.

I would be disappointed to hear if any of my girl friends were unaware of the brand Soap and Glory.  The packaging is so eyecatching, pink, yellow and silver with bold writing, puns and photos of pin-up girls.  It is all more expensive than I would usually spend on body and face products but it is by no means expensive.  I have quite a lot of Soap and Glory products from receiving them as presents, expecially in Christmas gifts but this one I bought myself.

It is the Soap and Glory 'scrub your nose in it' face scrub which can be used as either a scrub or a mask and is designed to reduce blemishes and shrink pores.  If you don't like the smell of mint then don't even think about buying this.  It smells a bit like toothpaste which I completely love.  It comes out as a green paste with exfoliating particles and I usually smooth it onto my face and then leave it for a good few minutes to let it act as a mask.  I definitely feel like my pores are much tighter after I've used this and would definitely recomend it and most other Soap and Glory products!

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