Sunday, 9 October 2011

The one where it's getting cold, even for me.

I am one of those strange people who get really hot really quickly so I often struggle with wearing wintery clothes even when it is cold. In England it has gone from a shock heatwave to cold, cold weather so I have actually been able to wear a jumper! This one is new and was £10 in the New Look sale. I ordered it online because I love the loose armed but cropped shape but when I received it I was slightly upset to find it has silver threads running through the knit. It is also a dark green rather than a black but after a day of wearing it, I love it!  As you might notice, I've had a mop chop recently.  The hairdresser thought my ombre was dye that had grown out (!) and said that my hair was in such bad condition I needed to have a good few inches off.  I'm not too keen on it but I'm just waiting for it to grow.

Earrings - Primark
Jumper - New Look
Black vest - New Look
Shorts - Primark

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