Thursday, 3 November 2011

The one where I put a ring on it.

I you've read my blog before you'll know that I've started wearing rings rather regularly.  I'm also increasing my collection of big earrings.

The first ring is from Primark, it cost £2.50 which is quite pricey for Primark!  It could be described as tacky but I really like it, it's a good statement piece and the blue stone adds some colour to a plain outfit.

The owl ring is another Primark purchase.  I looked at it a while ago but didn't bother getting it but as it was cheap and it's quite cute I thought I had nothing to loose.

The eye ring is from Topshop, I've seen bloggers and vloggers with it before and thought that it was really cool.  When I shopped the Topshop sale I saw it but didn't buy it.  I got home and instantly regretted it so a few days later to find it gone, looked on the website too and it wasn't there!  There's nothing quite like the feeling of want you get when you can't have something.  It returned to the website and so when I bought a dress online I made sure I bought it this time.  Just need some more silver rings to put with it now!

The gold ring with the cream stone was also from Topshop but this time in the sale.  It was £3.75 and I really like the elaborate edge.

The snake ring was an impulse buy from Primark costing only 50p!  I quite like quirky rings and it's a nice one to play with because of the shape.

The swirly earrings cost £3.75 in the sale at Topshop, I quite like chunky earrings which arn't dangly and I think these would be appropriate for me to wear on my teaching placement.  They are a nice nude colour and would dress up a smart, plain outfit.

The last pair of earrings were £2.50 from Topshop in the sale.  They look like they are made of gold thread which makes them look less tacky than they would have done if they were plain gold in colour.

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